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Moyasar Dashboard: API Keys


Moyasar provides unique API keys to clients to authenticate API requests. Each account has two pairs of keys - one for testing and one for live transactions.

API Keys

Settings - API Keys

publishable keyThe publishable key allows for only one operation - creating a payment, and thus can be attached to public web forms, such as an HTML hidden field.
secret keyThe secret key provides access to all operations in the documentation and is a powerful tool that must be kept confidential

Live API Keys

Live API keys are used to accept real payments. (these will appear once you activate your account)

Test API Keys

Test API keys allow you test your integration with moyasar without risking the usage of real money.

Regenerate API Keys

You can regenerate your API keys by clicking on the Regenerate button next to the key you want to regenerate

Updated on: 05/03/2023

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