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This user guide will walk you through the steps to create invoices through Moyasar Payment Gateways.

Getting started

1- Open your preferred web browser and navigate to Moyasar Dashboard.
2- Log in to your Moyasar account using your credentials.
3- Navigating to the Invoices tab

Creating an Invoice

1 - Click on the "Create Invoice" button.

Create invoice Modal

Fill in the required information for the invoice, including:

TermDescriptionrequired ?
AmountThe amount that you would like to get chargedyes
CurrencyThe currency of the amount, i.e SARyes
DescriptionAn arbitrary string, This may include a description about the merchandise or the service that your customer is billed for. Invoice description is displayed on the invoice alongside with the charge when the invoice is presented to the user.yes
Expiry DateSpecifies when the invoice will get expired. An expired invoice cannot have payment attempts as its status will be
Metadatakey/value object, You can specify up to 30 keys, with key names up to 40 characters long and values up to 500 characters long. Metadata is useful for storing additional, structured information on an object. As an example, you could store your user’s full name, email, and internal order idno

2 - Review the invoice information to ensure accuracy.

3 - Click on "Create Invoice" button to create the invoice.

4 - You will be redirected to the new invoice page

Step 2: Sending the Invoice to the Customer

To share the invoice with your customer, click on the copy button next to the link or right click on the link and click copy from the context menu

unpaid invoice page

Example on invoice link:

Here is how your customer is going to see the invoice:

invoice checkout page

Managing Invoices

invoices list

In the invoices section, you will see a list of all your invoices. You can sort, search, or filter invoices based on various criteria.
To view the details of an invoice, click on its respective entry in the list. From the invoice details page, you can perform actions such as editing, or canceling the invoice.

Tracking Invoice Payments

Moyasar provides real-time tracking of invoice payments. In the invoices section, locate the invoice for which you want to track payments.The status of the invoice will indicate whether it has been paid or remains outstanding. You can view the payment details by clicking on the invoice entry and selecting the payment you want in track.

payment attempts


Moyasar Payment Gateways offer a convenient and efficient way to create and manage invoices for your business. By following the steps outlined in this user guide, you can create professional invoices, send them to your customers, and easily track payments. Streamlining your invoicing process through Moyasar will help you improve your business operations and ensure a smooth payment experience for your customers.

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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