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Moyasar Dashboard: Apple Pay Certificate Activation


This guide walks you through the steps necessary to accept Apple Pay payments using your Apple Developer account and Moyasar.

Follow this guide if you intend on using Apple Pay natively within your iOS app or using a platform that doesn't support Web Merchant Registration.

This guide assumes you have registered for an Apple Developer account and did the necessary steps to setup a merchant ID. If you haven't done
this yet, please follow this guide).

Moyasar needs you to setup Payment Processing Certificate in order to process Apple Pay encrypted payments data. This page will guide you to create Payment Processing Certificate in one easy step from your Moyasar Dashboard.

Getting Started

Go to
Log in to you account
Click on the Settings tab
Click on Apple Pay - Certificates

Step 1: Request And Download The Certificate Signing Request File (CSR)

Request CSR

Download Payment Processing Certificate

The downloaded file will be named moyasar.certificateSigningRequest, save it for later use. After download is complete you will see the CSR file.

Step 2: Upload the downloaded CSR to Apple Developer portal

Go to Apple Developer portal.
Go to the Apple Pay merchant ID you created.
Click Create Certificate under the Payment Processing Certificate section.

Apple Pay - Step 2.1

You will be asked if the payment is in China, choose No, click Next, then click Choose File.

Apple Pay - Step 2.2
Click continue to get the certificate

Apple Pay - Step 2.3
Click Download then save the certificate in a safe place. The downloaded certificate will be named apple_pay.cer.

Apple Pay - Step 2.4

Step 3: Upload the downloaded certificate to Moyasar Dashboard

Go back to the dashboard.
Click on Settings
Click on Apple Pay - Certificate settings
Click Upload File
Browse your computer then choose the certificate you got from Apple Pay with the name apple_pay.cer.

You will notice that the upload is successful when the activation status changes to Apple Pay is activated.

Your Payment Processing Certificate is now uploaded successfully. You are now ready to develop Apple Pay on your website or app

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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