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Moyasar Dashboard: Apple Pay Domain Registration


Web Merchant Registration is an exciting feature here at Moyasar, it allows you to accept Apple Pay payments without the need to
for an Apple Developer account.

Please note if you are developing a Mobile app you need to follow the
Setup Apple Pay using Developer Account instead.

Getting Started

Go to
Click on settings
Click on Apple Pay domains

Register Your Domain

Apple Pay - Domains Page

In order to use Apple Pay within your website, you first need to registry your domain in Apple Pay settings in your
Moyasar Dashboard.

Please make sure to register all possible domains that you are using, for example:


The two domains are considered as different hosts and need to be registered if you are planning on using them interchangeably.

1. Click the Add Domain Button

Apple Pay Domains - Add domain

2. Download the Merchant Association File

Once you have added your domain, download the Merchant Association File.

Apple Pay Domain - Download Domain Association File

Please note that the association file does not have a file extension apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association.

3. Upload the File to Your Server

Using your favorite tool, upload the association file on your server on the following path:, assuming your website is

After you have uploaded the file, visit the link using your browser. It should show like the figure below or start downloading!

Domain association file uploaded correctly

4. Validate your domain

After uploading the association file, you need to validate your domain name by clicking Validate.

This step will allow Moyasar to validate the existence of the file before contacting Apple servers.

Apple Pay Domains - Validate domain


5. Register your domain

After validating your domain name, it is now time to register it with Apple, just hit Register.

Performing Merchant Validation

If you are using Moyasar Form you can skip this step and include Moyasar validation endpoint directly in
the validate_merchant_url configuration parameter. Learn more here.

If you are implementing Apple Pay manually,
you can use our API endpoint to provide merchant validation for your website
in the onvalidatemerchant event.

If you need to check availability, you can use as the merchant ID.


Server responded with 404 page not found error

This means that you haven't uploaded the domain association file at the correct path

Updated on: 13/05/2023

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